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        一  Fill in the blanks with proper prepositions      

        1.  Our price is very competitive _____ other good quality TV sets. We look forward _____ receiving your large number of order.

        2.  _____ reference to the goods _____ the Sales Confirmation No. 5354, we wish to draw your attention _____ the fact that the date of delivery is approaching.

        3. _____ requested in your letter of April 18th, we offer your firm as follows, subject _____ your reply reaching us _____ the end of this month.

        4.  We shall be much pleased if you will kindly arrange to insure the goods _____ our behalf _____ All Risks _____ invoice value plus 10%.

        5.  Their balance sheets of recent years enclosed will show you that their import business _____ this line has been managed and operated _____ satisfactory condition.

        6.  _____ reply, we regret _____ inform you that your price is too high.

        7.  Please sign and return on copy _____ our file _____ your earliest convenience.

        8. Shipping documents have been passed to the Bank of Japan, _____ whom we have drawn _____ 60d/s _____ the net amount due.



        二  Translate the following terms & expressions into Chinese:  

        1. 承兌交單

        2. 即期匯票

        3. 運輸標志

        4. 報價單

        5. 財務狀況

        6. 競爭價格

        7. 信譽良好

        8. 交貨期

        9. 試訂貨

        10. 中性包裝

        11. Balance sheet

        12. special discount

        13. Freight prepaid

        14. Close business

        15. Insurance policy

        16. Certificate of Quality

        17. Partial shipment

        18. Port of destination

        19. Initial order

        20. L/C extension


        三  Translate the following sentences into Chinese:       

        1. Enclosed please find a catalogue and pricelist of the products you require.

        2. We are specialized in the above business and recall that many years ago, considerable business was done with your country on such items.

        3. We would therefore appreciate it if you would provide us information about the financial condition and business standing of the previously mentioned firm.

        4. The terms of payment are by letter of credit at sight to be opened through the Bank of China and the shipment is to be made within four weeks upon receipt of the covering letter of credit.

        5. The credit is valid until July 31 and will be confirmed to you by the Banks London office.

        6. Provided you give us a liberal share of your business, we shall be happy to allow a similar discount on future large orders.

        7. The amount of our credit has been fixed to provide adequate cover for your invoice, which should provide for all charges, including insurance to Tokyo.

        8. With regard to L/C No. 805, we have already instructed the opening bank to extend the dates of shipment and validity to May 15 and May 35 respectively.

        9. We have opened an L/C against contract No. GF805 available by documentary draft at 60 days sight.

        10. You must expedite the covering L/C, otherwise we shall be unable to effect shipment before the end of this month.

        11. Any information that you may provide us will be treated in strict confidence.

        12. We have been informed by the Bank of U.S. Commerce, that you are one of the leading exporters of textiles in China.

        13. We acknowledge with thanks the receipt of your inquiry of Sep.5, and are pleased to make you an offer regarding our color TV sets in the size you required.

        14. We trust that you will be able to accept our offer, which shall be kept open against reply by wire.

        15. We have surrendered to the Bank of China, the clean, shipped on board B/L in complete set together with other documents according to the terms of your L/C.

        16. We require payment by confirmed irrevocable letter of credit payable by draft at sight.

        17. This being the case , we have to ask you to be so kind as to extend the date of shipment to the 15th of January.


        四  Translate the following sentences into English:  

        1. 貴方如能合作,我方不勝感激。

        2. 本報價以我方最終確認為準。

        3. 按照以往慣例,我方不能接受付款交單的支付方式。

        4. 盼望盡快收到您的訂單。

        5. 請盡快修改信用證,以便我們安排裝運。

        6. 如果您的價格有競爭力,我們會向您經常訂購。

        7. 當開立信用證時,請注意確保信用證的條款與銷售合同完全一致。

        8. 考慮到我們多年的友好合作關系,本交易我方接受電匯方式。


        五  Write the letter in English according to the following information


        收信人: 美國紐約East Tenth33IL60687,Vancouver Textiles Co.., Ms. Jane Baicuan

        參考號: No. CN20090808





        我方確認收到貴方20091228日的銷售確認書No. CN20090808一式兩份。按照方的要求,我方已經會簽,隨函寄出一份。




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